Thursday, July 07, 2005

DRM is doomed to fail.

Umair writes an interesting post about why DRM (digital rights management) is ultimately doomed to fail. Why? Because DRM is based on analog property rights that are ill-suited to today's digital world. The real (physical) world is one based on scarcity. Scarcity determines value, which is measured by the amount of money we attach to objects of value. The Internet however, is a digital world whose primary commodity is information. It is a virtual world based on abundance. Hence, traditional ways of thinking don't map as well or fail altogether.

Although I am by no means an astrophysicist, consider yourself in a situation where you are placed on another planet - would you expect the laws of Earth to apply? I think not. The Internet is no different. We need to broaden our vision, break the boundaries that restrict our creative capacities of thought in efforts to reach new understanding (although it seems ironic considering that we humans have built it). I ramble.

Anyway, the article and the commentary are definitely worth a read. You'll learn something. I did!


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