Tuesday, July 26, 2005

MERLOT '05: "Designing and Managing Reuse" notes

  • Reuse: Authors vs. instructors vs. students vs. collections
  • 4 questions:
    • Can I find it? -> metadata, search techniques (finding vs. searching)
    • Is it useful? -> reusable design (context & pedagogy AND structure & presentation)
    • May I use it? -> rights (copyright)
    • Will it work? -> interoperability
  • Reusable Design Guidelines
  • Metadata
    • different types:
      • bibliographic
      • contextual (difficult to abstract from LO, e.g. things like reading level) - often missing in full text searches
      • technical
      • legal
      • usage info. (e.g. instructor, student, user guides)
    • use a standard, 'speak to me in a language i can understand'
    • examples: www.reusablelearning.org/examples/
    • Copyrights:
      • Important to both obtain and grant permission - provide a statement of rights and permissions. Easiest way with something like Creative Commons approach (www.creativecommons.org).
      • Links are usually OK, but watch out for 'deep linking', 'framing', 'in-lining' - branding concerns, generally commercial.
      • Fair use
      • Reference
  • Interoperability
    • 2 approaches: standards (e.g. HTML, XML, SCORM, etc.) and common formats (e.g. PDF, Flash, Java, etc.)
  • Reusable Design
    • 5 layers:
    • 1.Content is at the core: the meaning by a resource and the words and images used to convey it, information intended to affect a change in cognitive state.
    • 2. Context - language, culture, subject, relations to other learning resources
    • 3. Pedagogy - how resource is used
    • 4. Structure - granularity, sequencing, the 'skeleton'
    • 5. Presentation - visual appearance, auditory elements, interface
    • Principle: separate the layers - e.g. don't let the presentation dictate how the resource is used
    • context is both friend and enemy of reuse - the goal of reuse is to reduce context as much as possible without hurting the pedagogy
    • tips:
  • resources:


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