Wednesday, July 27, 2005

MERLOT '05: "GLOBE: The Global Alliance of Digital Libraries" notes

GLOBE will provide an integrated and federated search of learning resources worldwide. It connects to repositories residing in countries around the world such as MERLOT (USA), ARIADNE (UK), NIME (Japan), EdNA (Australia) and soon, CLOE (Canada).

Slipstreaming metaphor - leveraging performance from others work (as competitive cyclists commonly do). Slipstreaming can also be applied in a cooperative context. Users of GLOBE will have access to a vast array of resources. Through use and adaptation to individual learning environments, existing resources will evolve and new resources will be created.

GLOBE URL (in development):

GLOBE will cover a range of fields, such as post-secondary, K-12, corporate training and is governed through a stewardship council. Users will be able to use GLOBE anonymously, but some aspects of the site will require registration (perhaps paid content).

Target deployment date is early 2007.

The second half of the presentation was on NIME:

NIME, as mentioned above, is the Japanese MERLOT. NIME-glad (forget what the GLAD stands for, sorry) houses several thousands of learning objects (note: syllabi fall under this definition). NICER, a K-12 spin-off of NIME-glad, houses approximately 124,000 resources. Currently, NICER is only offered in Japanese but will be translated into English by the end of this year. Despite being in Japanese, learning objects (or parts thereof), such as animations, still prove useful to non-Japanese. NICER also hosts learning objects for teachers on issues such as good practice, lesson plans and research reports. Learning objects for students are categorized by school level: elementary, lower secondary, upper secondary and other.

About 4 or 5 people run NIME-glad and NICER (a different group for each I believe, although the president is the same). Considering what I've seen, this is a remarkable achievement.

The presenter was running local copies of NIME-glad and NICER so I didn't catch a URL. Will post when I have time to search.


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